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MeitY is to promote e-Governance for empowering citizens, promoting the inclusive and sustainable growth of the Electronics, IT & ITeS industries, enhancing India’s role in Internet Governance, adopting a multipronged approach that includes development of human resources, promoting R&D and innovation, enhancing efficiency through digital services and ensuring a secure cyber space.


Software Technology Parks of India, is an Autonomous Society set up by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India in 1991, with the objective of encouraging, promoting and boosting the Software Exports from India. Software Technology Parks of India maintains internal engineering resources to provide consulting, training and implementation services. Services cover Network Design, System Integration, Installation, Operations and maintenance of application networks and facilities in varied areas. Process development is based on the Quality Management System. Software Technology Parks of India centre also adhere to ISO 9001 certification.



Department of Information Technology was created in the year 1986 for promotion and development of IT industry in the state. During the year 2015-2016, the department started the process of preparing new policies on IT, Electronics, Information and Communication, ESDM Sector and startups for providing several incentives for IT and ITEs/BPO/Electronic Manufacturing factory and for facilitating investment by creating investor friendly environment, providing speedy clearances and developing reliable infrastructure.

The Department identifies new technology for promotion of Electronics and IT Industry, arranges for processing and dissemination of new technology, promotes research in electronic items through research institutions, laboratories, universities etc. and provides financial assistance for updating the facilities of these institutions.

With the objective of bolstering entrepreneurship in the domain of Blockchain Technology, Govt. of Haryana is providing financial aid to this CoE. This will not only help in nurturing the start-up but also help in social economic growth.


“AIC STPINEXT INITIATIVES” is a section 8 company incorporated by STPI to act as the nodal agency and common implementation vehicle for various startup and entrepreneurship activities at STPI.

Honorable Minister of Electronics & IT announced setting-up of domain centric “Centers of Excellence” (CoEs) by STPI in collaborative manner Across India to ensure India builds leadership in the emerging sectors of IOT, Blockchain, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Medical Electronics, Health Informatics, Gaming & Animation, Machine Learning, Data Science & Analytics, Cyber Security, Chip Designing, ESDM etc. and to build next wave of budding entrepreneurs.

STPI Next also supporting AIC STPI Bengaluru and NGIS.


The STPI Apiary, a Centre of Excellence in Blockchain Technology is setup in collaboration with MeitY, STPI, Govt. of Haryana, Padup Venture Private Limited, IBM, Intel, GBA and FITT. This is an initiative, to identify and evaluate promising start-ups in the field of Blockchain Technology that will be hosted in the STPI Gurugram Incubation Facility. Apiary will have dedicated 80 seats co-working space and dedicated Blockchain Platform. Apart from physical infrastructure, the Centre will have the access to Technocrats mentorship, mentorship programs and VC funding.

A Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a domain-specific specialized incubation facility for start-ups in the area of emerging technologies where the highest-standards and best-practices in terms of infrastructure, technology, leadership, mentoring, training, research & development, funding, networking for the given focus area is made available.

with our Partners

LAUNCH YOUR START-UP with a Collaborative Support Ecosystem of the Government, Industry, Academia and Investors for YOU through Centre of Excellence.

Padup has a mentor driven business incubator for "disruptive and innovative" blockchain start-ups. Padup is a key player in the startup eco-system by actively supporting young people at various stages in their entrepreneurial journey and significantly impact survival rates positively, thus creating huge impact in the entrepreneurial space. Padup has developed a customised methodology to help aspiring entrepreneurs acquire entrepreneurial skills, which is beyond 'story telling'.

The key elements such as user centric approach, lean start-up philosophy, data driven analytical models to build innovative solution to real, emerging and futuristic problems, are at the core of teaching entrepreneurship.

The process is open, simple, comprehensive, practical, integrated, proven, tested, sequential and has well defined

Padup Mentors train the startups through a well defined "Incubation and Acceleration Process" where-in they help to validate the innovative ideas, build product and services around it, go to market through a well defined sales and marketing strategy with industry connect, provide access to Angel, seed and VCs to fund the venture at various stages to build sustainable and scalable business. Padup shall provide a comprehensive program that is holistic and which includes 4 main drivers namely, Validate via Bootcamp, Incubate by monitoring, Accelerate through funding, Unique Program. We are a business association in where our associates offer their expertise to your company as an investment instead of money. We help to create new business networks with more trust and transparency.


In today's digital economy, vast amounts of value are trapped inside processes and organizations that don't connect. That's a challenge IBM can solve.

Centre of Excellence (CoE) will work with IBM blockchain services that breaks down those barriers to create new business networks with more trust and transparency. CoE will leverage IBM blockchain experts, proven methodologies and advanced technologies to drive game changing business outcomes.

This Centre of Excellence (CoE) will work with INTEL by utilizing their vast technical mentorship and knowledge sharing, especially on Performance optimization for platforms, knowledge on Hyperledger Sawtooth & knowledge on Trusted Compute Framework TFC specs, confidential computing and relevant aspects of other ledgers such as Corda and Ethereum. INTEL will provide mentorship to relevant startups on technology and business aspects, as needed especially in trusted compute, confidential compute, infrastructure and overall use case. CoE will leverage INTEL block chain experts, proven methodologies and advanced technologies to drive game changing business outcomes. Intel will also help assess and identify startups for the cohort of CoE.

Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer

FITT will provided academic knowledge and help in promoting the various program of entrepreneurship to the start-ups.

This Centre of Excellence (CoE) will work with FITT by assist the program in selecting quality startups for mentoring and for venture capital support. FITT will also provide their experience faculty to interact more closely with industry.

FITT will arrange to provide access to startup, industry and government agencies at IID Delhi – Sonipat campus for their research, innovation and product development to create advanced technological solutions

Government Blockchain Association

The world over, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are recognized as a dynamic sector and credited with the creation of over 80 percent of total employment.In India, SMEs have created 480 million jobs while the organized sector has created 29 million jobs. This vital sector embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and its core mission is "building bridges of prosperity through industry. This industry acts as a catalyst for industrial growth and investment promotion. It represents its members effectively on various national and regional level panels and also with financial institutions on economic, trade and fiscal issues. This COE shall tie up with "Government Blockchain Association" (GBA) as a partner.

Government Blockchain Association (GBA) promotes blockchain technologies by empowering individuals and organizations to connect, communicate, and collaborate to solve public sector challenges around the world.Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is an international non-profit association helping government, public sector professionals, and organizations around the world to understand, implement, and benefit from blockchain technology related technologies and capabilities.

Governing Council

Dr. Omkar Rai

Chairperson & Director General,STPI

Shri Devesh Tyagi

Vice Chairperson & Sr. Director, STPI

Shri Rajneesh Agrawal

Director & STPI Noida

Sh. Sanjay Verma,

Chief Information Technology Officer, Govt. of Haryana

Sh. Nitin Bansal

Chief Technology Officer, Govt. of Haryana

Ms.Kavita Bhatia

Director, Meity

Sh. Harvinderjit Bhatia 

Co-founded Radiowalla Network 

Sh. Harishankar Subramanium 

Partner E&Y 

Shri Subodh Sachan

Director, Start-up & Innovation Division, STPI HQ

Pankaj Thakkar

Chief Mentor CoE, Co-founder, PadUp Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Sh.Sanjay Kumar,

Additional Director, STPI Noida

Project Management Group

Pankaj Thakkar

Chairperson & Chief Mentor CoE, Co-founder, PadUp Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Shri Rajneesh Agrawal

Director, STPI Noida

Shri Subodh Sachan

Director, Start-up & Innovation Division, STPI HQ

Ms.Kavita Bhatia

Director, Meity

Prof. Anil Wali,

MD, Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT)

Sh. Rajat Jain,

Co-founder, PadUp Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 

Sh. Sanjeev Kalia,

Senior Engineer, Govt. of Haryana

Ashish Gautam

Government and Regulatory Affairs IBM India Private Limited

Sh. Neel H. Bhatia, Director,

Asia Region – Strategic Industry Collaborations, Platform Security Division, Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd

Sh. Gauravdeep Singh,

Consultant, Technology Management, Govt. of Haryana

Sh. Amit Jindal,

Co-founder of Felix Advisory, President of Government Blockchain Association(NCR)

Sh.Sanjay Kumar,

Additional Director, STPI Noida